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We swap our jackets for sunscreen.

Adam and Diego gassed up the van and left behind the chilly northern air for some of that famous Florida sunshine. And the weather didn’t disappoint. We peeled off the layers, rolled down the windows, cranked up the music, and sought out the Fueling of all things Good.

The journey began with a quick photo opp just outside of Tampa, at the aptly named Sunshine Skyway Bridge. At 190 feet above the water, you get an unobstructed view of the waters of Tampa Bay. The magnificent vista inspires an 8-minute conversation about the aerodynamics of sea gulls expressed exclusively in our best pirate accents.Our first stop is the Bell Shoals CITGO, showcasing their customer appreciation with free coffee and fountain drinks all day for veterans. And the first 50 veterans who visit the store received a $25 CITGO Gift Card. Thank you veterans for your service!As with so many locally owned CITGO locations we’ve visited across this great land, this Bell Shoals location is also having a fundraiser for MDA. Through fundraisers just like this one, CITGO employees and stations have raised over $160 million for MDA in the past 27 years. Shout out to everyone who gives so generously.Our good friend Bess The Book Bus is also visiting the Bell Shoals CITGO, delivering free books to local children. The goal is to give away more than 100,000 books and introduce the joys of reading to underprivileged and underrepresented children and families. Bess The Book Bus Fuels Good everywhere she goes--that’s what it’s all about my peoples.After such a fabulous first day in Florida, it was hard to fire up the van and say goodbye to all of our new friends. But a whole new adventure awaits tomorrow. Bookmark our page and visit us again for all the details. And be sure to follow all the social posts, and watch for the videos of our introduction to sunnyliscious Florida. Plus, as always, keep those Facebook and Twitter suggestions coming.

CITGO Fueling Good on three!

Fueling good with Bess the Book Bus.

Nick and Moe of Nick and Moe's hanging out with the guys!

More good being fueled in Lakeland by Bess the Book Bus!