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  1. What is TriCLEAN gasoline?

    TriCLEAN gasoline is an enhanced, custom-blended fuel that includes more nitrogen cleaning agents to keep vital engine parts clean for a smoother running engine that maximizes mileage and minimizes emissions. TriCLEAN gasoline:

    • Meets or exceeds Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements.
    • Helps maintain intake valve cleanliness to avoid hesitation and poor drivability.
    • Helps maintain fuel injector cleanliness to avoid rough idle, poor drivability, loss of power and increased emissions.
    • Helps prevent performance-robbing valve deposits as compared to inferior gasoline.
    • Contains more nitrogen cleaning agents.
    • Maximizes mileage while minimizing exhaust emissions.

    The performance TriCLEAN gasoline provides is consistent at any location.

  2. What is TOP TIER gasoline? TOP TIER gasoline is a stringent standard for gasoline detergent additive performance set forth by eight of the world’s top automakers. It surpasses the existing standards set forth by the EPA. Learn more by visiting
  3. When did CITGO TriCLEAN become a TOP TIER gasoline? TriCLEAN became a TOP TIER gasoline in May 2016.
  4. Why did CITGO decide to seek TOP TIER designation for TriCLEAN gasoline? Independent research shows that quality fuel is important to you. And, while you’re already enjoying the benefits of TriCLEAN gasoline, adding the TOP TIER designation helps further affirm that you’re making the best choice for your engine.
  5. Are all grades of CITGO TriCLEAN gasoline TOP TIER? Yes. The TOP TIER designation identifies a standard of detergent additives, unrelated to octane levels. All three grades of TriCLEAN gasoline are TOP TIER gasoline.

Good Gas. Guaranteed.

Every drop of every gallon of CITGO TriCLEAN gasoline is TOP TIER, and guaranteed for quality and reliability. All three grades surpass the Environmental Protection Agency’s [EPA] requirements, and are formulated for the special requirements of today’s engines. To learn more about our good gas guarantee contact us at GOODGAS.GUARANTEED@CITGO.COM